In Conversation: Promoting equity and innovation in breast cancer care

In this Conversation, Cary Adams and Julie Gralow explore how innovation can contribute to greater equity in cancer care, particularly in breast cancer as the community marks Pink October.

At UICC's World Cancer Leaders' Summit on 25-26 October, the cancer community will be highlighting the need for greater access to quality cancer care for all populations and how innovation can and should close the equity gap.

In this Conversation, UICC CEO Dr Cary Adams and Dr Julie Gralow, Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, talk about the role of a Chief Medical Officer and the importance of raising the profile of patient voices and bringing them into the decision-making process on cancer control.

Dr Gralow also touches upon what innovations are taken place in cancer care, particularly for breast cancer, that enable earlier detection and better treatment. She speaks about different therapies that address the specificities of breast cancer subtypes, genetic testing, medicines and other advances that have considerably improved survival rates in high-income countries and how these technological advances as well as reliable information and effective screening can be made available to hard-to-reach populations.


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