In Conversation: Promoting equity and innovation in cancer care

In this Conversation, Cary Adams and Julie Gralow explore how innovation can contribute to greater equity in cancer care, particularly in breast cancer as the community marks Pink October.

In this Conversation, UICC CEO Dr Cary Adams and Dr Rifat Atun talk about the importance of investing in health systems and discuss the work of the Integrated Cancer Control Initiative in Latin America (ICCI-LA) and the Lancet Commissions to emphasise how research and knowledge must serve to translate evidence into policies and demonstrate the value of implementing these policies to benefit cancer and societies around the world.

Having chaired a Commission on childhood cancer and marking Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September, Dr Atun also speaks about the inequities and the number of missed diagnoses as well as the huge financial benefits, in addition to lives saved, that derive from investing in scaling up diagnosis and treatment for childhood cancer - a 3-to-1 return on investment.  


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